What I Will Do if Microsoft Buys Yahoo

The impending Microsoft hostile takeover of Yahoo is getting under my skin. Not since the HP-Compaq merger has there been such a more useless waste of human energy and money.

What’s difficult for me to swallow is that Yahoo shareholders may eventually vote for this. These are the same sorts of people who are always looking to trade away good players on sports teams for the hope and speculation that some future drafted player will be the savior of the franchise. Rarely do such wishes come true in sports - and even more rarely do they in business. It seems that no one believes in building anymore, in staying the course, in commitment.

Replace your Laptop Hard Drive - and avoid Vista

I had a 60Gb hard drive in my three year old laptop. I was running out of space trying to keep all my projects synced on it, which was the only way to work remote in an effective manner. Needed a new hard drive, at the least.

So, a simply run down to my local computer store to get a new hard drive. I start looking at prices and it looks like 160Gb to 200Gb will work nicely in my laptop. That’s really all I needed. But for almost a $100, I started musing about buying a new laptop.