Palm Bay Improved in Google Earth

If you live in Palm Bay and enjoy using Google Earth, you may have noticed that the resolution quality of much of Palm Bay and south Melbourne wasn’t that great - until now. Now, you have the same quality resolution of other major cities. It looks as if most of the newer satellite photos of Brevard were taken after the hurricanes of 2004, so you’ll see lots of blue tarps on roofs as you look around. It gives you a good sense of the kind of damage people experienced.

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Switched to Google Reader, despite earlier review

I reviewed Google reader sometime ago, after its major update, and wasn’t impressed. I had been looking for an online feed reader so I could make use of my time away from my home computer by catching up on the blogs that I read. At the time, I had been using the built-in feed reader of Thunderbird, my email program.

However, after continual frustration with being stuck somewhere, waiting on someone or something, and wishing I could use the twenty minutes to catch up on my blog reading, I finally decided to give Google Reader a more comprehensive try. I’ve been using it for the past two months as my only feed reader.