What I Will Do if Microsoft Buys Yahoo

The impending Microsoft hostile takeover of Yahoo is getting under my skin. Not since the HP-Compaq merger has there been such a more useless waste of human energy and money.

What’s difficult for me to swallow is that Yahoo shareholders may eventually vote for this. These are the same sorts of people who are always looking to trade away good players on sports teams for the hope and speculation that some future drafted player will be the savior of the franchise. Rarely do such wishes come true in sports - and even more rarely do they in business. It seems that no one believes in building anymore, in staying the course, in commitment.

Images in WordPress Posts

Photo by ZanastardustFor some time, I’ve been meaning to put a contextual image with each post. I’ve been too busy. Then, I stumbled upon Zen Habits today, because of Leo Babauta’s announcement that he is leaving the Web Worker Daily blog to start an eBook. Fair enough, but I didn’t know he had his own blog anyway, so I happily subscribed.

Then, I noticed his wonderful images from Flickr on each post and I thought, yes, yes… I’d like to do that. Better than creating custom icons for posts as some bloggers do, since I don’t really have time for that. So, I do a little search and find a wonderful guide to using Flickr on blog posts by Skelliewag, to which I also subscribed. (See Part 2 here also).