Can I Write a Book?

I’ve had many people suggest over the years that I write a book. It’s always been a goal of mine. I even recently had a published author suggest it, which although very complimentary, made me just more depressed.

Here’s why. I don’t have the time. I certainly have the ideas to communicate. I write well. I edit even better. But as life goes on, you get depressed when you don’t finish the things in life you hope to do. Especially the things that you know you can do. I might not be cycling across America anytime soon, but I can write. Now. Today. In fact, I’m doing it right this second.

Vote for my Manifesto

Photo by EsseI have a proposal for a ChangeThis manifesto entitled Create an Unassailable Online Identity. Each month ChangeThis accepts a modest number of proposals for what they call manifestos. If voted high enough, they give the manifesto a green light and publish it at their site. Some of the best author’s on the internet have published ChangeThis manifestos, and I’ve learned a lot through them. Thus, I thought it only appropriate to share something in return.

The E-Book Experiment

I hinted yesterday’s post about Alan’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge that I was going to unveil another blog that I have been preparing to start. Except that it’s not a blog. Except that it is a blog, too.

In fact, it’s a book. Or more accurately, it will be a book. Most likely an e-book. But I’ll be writing it one chapter at a time. And not necessarily in order. In fact, most likely not in order at all.