Alan’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge

My friend Alan has issued a challenge for bloggers to post at least once per day for the next 30 days. He’s hardly the first blogger I’ve read that has issued such a challenge, but he’s the first one I know personally. So, it would be kind of a shame to let him down.

Plus, although I sort of credit myself with getting him into blogging, he’s definitely learned a lot because he forces himself to try new things. He once had a blog just about American Idol - a show I’ve proudly never watched. But he learned a lot about blogging and traffic by doing it, and he made some bucks at the same time.

So, I apologize upfront if some of my posts don’t seem as in-depth as you might be used to reading. But to do this, I can’t write 10,000 word posts every day. Well, I could but I probably wouldn’t get much else done. Which wouldn’t be good. Clients tend to like having their work actually done, my children like seeing me once in a while, my wife says she likes me (go figure), and then there are those pesky Miami Dolphins that have at least a few more weeks to go. Plus, I’ll probably wear a mouthguard (to keep me from chewing off my own tongue) and watch the Patriots in the post-season. It could be historic. It could also be a disaster - I can only hope. Either way, I’ll want to see it happen.

In addition to this blog, I’ll be announcing another blog tomorrow that I’ll be also posting to every day for the next 30 days. For those who might be curious, I’ll post the before and after statistics to the other blog - which is brand-spanking new - at the end of the 30 days. I won’t post my actual traffic stats for Salberg.Org (since it is none of your business and you might be shocked that so many people actually read my crazy rants here), but I will make a note of any percentage increase (or decrease) at the end of the 30 days.

I think it might be a patently unfair time to start such a challenge. Traditionally, internet traffic to heavy content sites (like blogs/new media) falls during the holiday season, even while e-commerce jumps up. So, over the next few weeks, I expect some slowing of internet traffic, and by the second week in January, it will seem like a spike - even if I didn’t do this 30-day challenge. But, I also might have more time to do this now than after January, so here goes.

If you want to make some money, go see Alan’s new blog and learn how he is making $2,500/month by affiliate internet marketing. Yes, he works (at home) about 70 hours a week (I get the impression), but he ain’t working for the man. For some of us, that’s a big attraction.

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