bullet Thelma DANNER Parents: Page Anthony DANNER and Kate STOCKHAM.

bullet Vesper Mike DANNER Parents: George William DANNER and Laura M. FOWLER.

bullet William Eugene DANNER was born on Dec 27 1951. Parents: John James Franklin DANNER and Delma WELLMAN.

bullet Charity DAYTON Parents: Isaac DAYTON and Rebecca TUTTLE.

She was married to Abner JOHNSON on Dec 14 1726 in New Haven, Connecticut. Children were: Dayton JOHNSON, Hezekiah JOHNSON, Anna JOHNSON, Charles JOHNSON, Charity JOHNSON, Abner JOHNSON, Jacob JOHNSON, Lydia JOHNSON.

bullet Isaac DAYTON

He was married to Rebecca TUTTLE. Children were: Charity DAYTON.

bullet Mary DAYTON

She was married to Reuben JOHNSON on Mar 11 1718. Children were: Justus JOHNSON, Justus JOHNSON, Ephriam JOHNSON, Rebecca JOHNSON, Zaccheus JOHNSON.

bullet John DENIS

bulletDaniel DENISON.

bulletMary DILLA died in 1825.

Children were: Reuben STARKE , John STARKE, Aaron STARKE , Susan STARKE, Mary STARKE , Sarah STARKE, Anna STARKE .

bulletJohn DINON.

He was married to Charity JOHNSON.

bullet Ambose DIXON

He was married to Nancy STARK on Jun 25 1795. Children were: Marshall Starke DIXON, Mary Elizabeth DIXON.

bullet Elizabeth DIXON was born on Oct 5 1792. She died on Jun 9 1866.

She was married to Oliver STARKE on Apr 21 1808. Children were: Theron STARK, William Halstead STARK, Marshall Dixon STARK, Harmon STARK, Mary Elizabeth STARK, Henry STARK, Phebe STARK, Samantha STARK, James STARK, Sarah M. STARK, Otis N. STARK, Albert G. STARK, Griffin A. STARK, Nehemiah STARK.

bullet Louis DIXON

bulletMarshall Starke DIXON. Parents: Ambose DIXON and Nancy STARK.

bulletMary Elizabeth DIXON was born in 1817. Parents: Ambose DIXON and Nancy STARK.

bullet Rachel DIXON

bulletDUDLEY .

She was married to Dan JOHNSON.

bullet Lucy DUDLEY was born in 1756. She died on Jan 22 1825.

She was married to Lieutenant Daniel JOHNSON.

bullet Hannah EDGERTON

She was married to Zephaniah STARKE on Oct 28 1757 in Lebanon, Conn. Children were: Eunice STARKE, David STARKE.

bullet Daniel ELDREDGE

bulletWilliam FANCHER.

He was married to Lucy STARK.

bullet Sarah Ellen FINDLEY

She was married to Anthony LINVILLE .

bullet Rebecca Ann FINLEY

She was married to Joseph LINVILLE on Mar 25 1866 in Knox County, Mo.

bullet Aaron FISH was born in 1693. Parents: Captian Samuel FISH and Sarah STARKE.

bulletAbigail FISH was born in 1691. Parents: Captian Samuel FISH and Sarah STARKE.

bulletJohn FISH was born in 1686. Parents: Captian Samuel FISH and Sarah STARKE.

bullet Moses FISH was born in 1688. Parents: Captian Samuel FISH and Sarah STARKE.

bulletNathan FISH was born on Aug 19 1699. Parents: Captian Samuel FISH and Sarah STARKE.

bulletCaptian Samuel FISH was born in 1656 in Stonington, Conn. He died on Feb 27 1733.

He was married to Sarah STARKE. Children were: Samuel FISH, John FISH, Moses FISH, Abigail FISH, Aaron FISH, Nathan FISH, Sarah FISH.

bullet Samuel FISH was born in 1684. Parents: Captian Samuel FISH and Sarah STARKE.

bullet Sarah FISH was born on Aug 2 1702. Parents: Captian Samuel FISH and Sarah STARKE.

bulletSarah FISH?.

Children were: Aaron STARKE, John STARKE, Child unnamed STARKE, William STARK, Sarah STARKE, Elizabeth STARKE.

bulletAnna FITCH.

She was married to Nathan STARKE on Nov 2 1748. Children were: Betsey STARKE, Anna STARKE, Molly STARKE, Lucy STARKE, Abiel STARKE, Nathan STARKE, Temperance STARKE, James STARKE.

bullet Ebenezer FITCH

He was married to Lydia JOHNSON on May 16 1749.

bullet Judith FITCH

Children were: Joseph STARKE.

bulletLydia FLETCHER.

bulletP.N. FOSTER was born in Wilkes- Barre, Pennsylvania.

He was married to Mary JOHNSON.

bullet Laura M. FOWLER was born on May 15 1859. She died on Nov 13 1952 in Macon, Missouri.

She was married to George William DANNER. Children were: Arthur DANNER, Clara DANNER , Leroy G. DANNER, Beula E. DANNER , Baby DANNER, Vesper Mike DANNER , Earl E. DANNER, Homer DANNER , Elven Cotton DANNER, Baby DANNER , Baby DANNER, Baby DANNER , Baby DANNER, Baby DANNER .

bullet Abigail FOX was born on Mar 6 1710. Parents: Isaac FOX and Hannah STARKE.

bullet Hannah FOX was born on Mar 4 1712. Parents: Isaac FOX and Hannah STARKE.

bullet Isaac FOX

He was married to Hannah STARKE on Apr 21 1707. Children were: Abigail FOX, Hannah FOX, Sarah FOX.

bullet Sarah FOX was born on Nov 6 1714. Parents: Isaac FOX and Hannah STARKE.

bullet Myrtle Louise FREEMAN was born on Jan 10 1929 in Junction, Texas.

She was married to Earnest Fred CHASE in 1946. Children were: Gerald Fred CHASE, Timothy Lee CHASE, Susan Louise CHASE, Paul CHASE.

bullet FRINK

bulletFROST .

She was married to Augustus JOHNSON.

bullet Esther FROST was born on Feb 18 1794. She died on Jan 20 1862.

She was married to Reverand Ransom JOHNSON on Sep 6 1812. Children were: Esther Rebecca JOHNSON.

bullet John FRY

He was married to Eva DANNER.

bullet Abraham FULCHER

bulletInez FULMER was born on Aug 31 1893. He died on Sep 7 1894. Parents: John F. FULMER and Arilla DANNER.

bullet Issac FULMER

Children were: John F. FULMER.

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