bullet John F. FULMER was born on Jan 14 1866. Parents: Issac FULMER and Amelia ALVOID.

He was married to Arilla DANNER on Nov 23 1891 in LaPlata, Missouri. Children were: Inez FULMER.

bullet Emily G was born on Dec 15 1863. She died on Mar 5 1894.

She was married to Nathan Tuttle STARK on Jun 2 1889 or Dec 15 1889 in Camden, New Jersey. Children were: Vincent J. STARK .

bullet Esther GALLUP

She was married to Nathan STARKE in Coleraine, Mass. Children were: Daniel STARKE, John STARKE, Catherine STARKE, Mary STARKE, Abraham STARKE, Joseph STARKE, Jemima STARKE, Patience STARKE.

bullet Jonathan GARDNER

bulletMary GIDDINGS was born in 1730 in Preston, Connecticut. She died in 1791 in Wilkes- Barre, Pennsylvania. Parents: Capt. Nathaniel GIDDINGS and Mary WILLIAMS.

She was married to Reverand Jacob JOHNSON in North Groton, Connecticut. He was married while pastoring in North Groton. Children were: Jehoiada Pitt JOHNSON, Jacob JOHNSON, Lydia JOHNSON, Christiana O. JOHNSON.

bullet Capt. Nathaniel GIDDINGS

He was married to Mary WILLIAMS . Children were: Mary GIDDINGS.

bullet Beret Anna GIDEM

She was married to Rasmus IVERSEN. Children were: Karen Gjerline IVERSEN.

bullet Hannah GOBLE was born in 1729. She died on Feb 7 1799.

She was married to Amos STARKE. Children were: Abraham STARKE, Isaac STARKE, Jacob STARKE, Amos STARKE.

bullet George GOODWIN

He was married to Laura A. PETRE.

bullet John GRANT

bulletAnne HAINES was born on Nov 3 1696. Parents: Josiah HAINES and Elizabeth STARKE.

bulletCaleb HAINES was born on Feb 2 1703. Parents: Josiah HAINES and Elizabeth STARKE.

bullet Comfort HAINES was born on Aug 2 1711. Parents: Josiah HAINES and Elizabeth STARKE.

bullet Deborah HAINES Parents: Josiah HAINES and Elizabeth STARKE.

bullet Elizabeth HAINES was born on Mar 7 1694. Parents: Josiah HAINES and Elizabeth STARKE.

bulletJoshua HAINES was born on Aug 27 1701. Parents: Josiah HAINES and Elizabeth STARKE.

bullet Josiah HAINES He died in the American Revolution.

He was married to Elizabeth STARKE on Mar 3 1693. Children were: Elizabeth HAINES, Anne HAINES, Josiah HAINES, Joshua HAINES, Caleb HAINES, Kaziah HAINES, Comfort HAINES, Deborah HAINES.

bullet Josiah HAINES was born on Jan 8 1698/99. Parents: Josiah HAINES and Elizabeth STARKE.

bullet Kaziah HAINES was born on Jun 7 1705. Parents: Josiah HAINES and Elizabeth STARKE.

bullet John HALL

He was married to Jane WOLLEN OR WOOLIN . Children were: Sarah HALL.

bullet Leverett Gray HALL was born on Mar 9 1823. He died on Dec 17 1902.

He was married to Catherine MASON on Nov 18 1857 in South Thomaston, Maine. Children were: Samuel Bryant HALL.

bullet Samuel Bryant HALL was born on Feb 3 1867 in South Thomaston, Maine. Parents: Leverett Gray HALL and Catherine MASON.

He was married to Anna May ANDREWS.

He was married to Minnie Gertrude BASSETT on Oct 12 1898.

bullet Sarah HALL Parents: John HALL and Jane WOLLEN OR WOOLIN.

She was married to William JOHNSON in Dec 1664. Children were: Lieut. William JOHNSON, John JOHNSON, Deacon or Capt. Isaac JOHNSON, Abraham JOHNSON, Abigail JOHNSON, Jacob JOHNSON, Sarah JOHNSON, Samuel JOHNSON, Mary JOHNSON, Lydia JOHNSON, Hope JOHNSON, Elizabeth JOHNSON, Ebenezer JOHNSON.

bullet Frank HALLETT

He was married to Susan Louise CHASE.

bullet HANEY

bulletAnn HARRIS .

bulletCurtis HARRIS.

He was married to Mary Elizabeth STARK on Nov 24 1868 in Belvedere, Ill..

bullet John HARRISON

He was married to Beula E. DANNER.

bullet Abigail HAVENS

bulletSamuel HICKOX.

He was married to Charity JOHNSON.

bullet Chloe HINCKLEY

Children were: Lucy STARKE, Joshua STARKE, Hannah STARKE, Mary STARKE, Caleb STARKE, Abiel STARKE, Elizabeth STARKE, Abigail STARKE.

bulletAdelaide HINE was born in Cairo, New York.

She was married to Solomon Whittlesey JOHNSON on Sep 12 1853. Children were: Edward Hine JOHNSON.

bullet Abigail HITCHCOCK Parents: John HITCHCOCK and Abigail MERRIMAN.

She was married to Jacob JOHNSON on Dec 16 1693 in Wallingford, Connecticut. Children were: Reuben JOHNSON, Deacon Isaac JOHNSON, Enos JOHNSON, Abigail JOHNSON, Lieut. Caleb JOHNSON, Israel JOHNSON, Daniel JOHNSON, Sarah JOHNSON, Abner JOHNSON, Reverand Jacob JOHNSON, Lydia JOHNSON.

bullet John HITCHCOCK

He was married to Abigail MERRIMAN . Children were: Abigail HITCHCOCK.

bullet Rebecca HITCHCOCK was born on Jan 18 1749. She died on Jul 25 1813.

She was married to Lieutenant Daniel JOHNSON on Apr 19 1781. Children were: Cephas JOHNSON, Augustus JOHNSON, Willett JOHNSON, Dan JOHNSON, Reverand Ransom JOHNSON, Louisa JOHNSON.

bullet Elizabeth HOLDREDGE

She was married to Moses STARKE on May 29 1739. Children were: Sarah STARKE, William STARKE, Phebe STARKE, Eunice STARKE, Amos STARKE, John STARKE, Jonathan STARKE, Elizabeth STARKE, Phila STARKE, Nathan STARKE, Prudence STARKE, Phineas STARKE, Ebenezer STARKE.

bullet Capt. Benjamin HOLT

He was married to Abigail JOHNSON .

bullet Mary HOLT

She was married to Aaron STARK in 1669 in Mystic Connecticut. There is a date of 1653 also, but I don't know what the date is for.

bullet Samuel HORTON was born in 1667. Samuel was possibly baptized in 1700.

He was married to Sarah JOHNSON.

bullet Anna HOTCHKISS

She was married to Samuel JOHNSON.

bullet Esther HOTCHKISS

She was married to Jacob JOHNSON.

bullet Sarah HOUGH

She was married to John STARKE on Jun 1 1741. Children were: Rachel STARKE, Benajah STARKE, Joseph STARKE.

bullet Jerusha HYDE was born on Jun 7 1736. She died on Aug 23 1771.

She was married to Silas STARKE on Apr 12 1757. Children were: Simeon STARKE, Jerusha STARKE, Silas STARKE, Jedediah STARKE, Abel STARKE, William STARKE.

bullet William HYDE

bulletKaren Gjerline IVERSEN was born on Oct 27 1887 in Norway. She died on Feb 5 1986 in Melbourne, Florida. She was buried on Feb 13 1986 in Fountainhead Memorial Park, Palm Bay, Florida. Officiant: Rev. Charles E. Schmitz at Peace Lutheran Church Parents: Rasmus IVERSEN and Beret Anna GIDEM.

She was married to Mikal Ludvik SALBERG. Children were: Birger Margedo SALBERG , Paul Sigvald SALBERG.

bullet Rasmus IVERSEN

He was married to Beret Anna GIDEM. Children were: Karen Gjerline IVERSEN.

bullet Lydia IVES

She was married to Stephen TODD. Children were: Stephen TODD.

bullet Charles Leroy JACKSON

He was married to Augusta Roodevelt BENTON. Children were: Lucile JACKSON, Uriah JACKSON.

bullet Lucile JACKSON died on Sep 1 1976. Parents: Charles Leroy JACKSON and Augusta Roodevelt BENTON.

She was married to Homer Lawson BAILEY. Children were: Dolareese BAILEY.

bullet Mary JACKSON was born on May 7 1851. She died on Oct 24 1881.

She was married to Andrew Johnson ANDREWS on Sep 4 1878. Children were: Anna May ANDREWS.

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