bullet Homer Lawson BAILEY.

He was married to Lucile JACKSON. Children were: Dolareese BAILEY.

bullet Nathan BAILY

bulletJunita BAKER.

She was married to George William PETRE on Apr 8 1939.

bullet Levi Aaron BALL Parents: Valarie Annette STARK.

bullet Margaret BALL

She was married to Jonathan STARKE on Mar 14 1765.

bullet Sanders BALLAR

He was married to Mary Jane LINVILLE on Jun 15 1854.

bullet Olive BARBER

bulletJohn BARKER.

He was married. Children were: Mary BARKER .

bullet Mary BARKER died on Sep 7 1825. Parents: John BARKER .

She was married to Solomon JOHNSON. Children were: John Barker JOHNSON, Charles JOHNSON.

bullet Daniel BARTHOLOMEW

He was married to Sarah JOHNSON.

bullet Harvey BASS

He was married to Mable A. PETRE.

bullet Minnie Gertrude BASSETT died on Dec 22 1898.

She was married to Samuel Bryant HALL on Oct 12 1898.


bulletBENTLY .

She was married to Woody PETRE.

bullet Augusta Roodevelt BENTON Parents: William Amos BENTON and Estella Eliza STARK.

She was married to Charles Leroy JACKSON. Children were: Lucile JACKSON , Uriah JACKSON.

bullet William Amos BENTON

He was married to Estella Eliza STARK on Jun 11 1868 in Macon, Georgia. Children were: Augusta Roodevelt BENTON.

bullet Increase BILLINGS was born on Feb 15 1724/25. He died about 1808.

He was married to Phebe STARKE. Children were: Samuel BILLINGS, Jehiel BILLINGS, Mary BILLINGS, Phebe BILLINGS, Ransler BILLINGS, Increase BILLINGS, James BILLINGS.

bullet Increase BILLINGS Parents: Increase BILLINGS and Phebe STARKE.

bulletJames BILLINGS. Parents: Increase BILLINGS and Phebe STARKE.

bulletJehiel BILLINGS. Parents: Increase BILLINGS and Phebe STARKE.

bulletMary BILLINGS. Parents: Increase BILLINGS and Phebe STARKE.

bulletPhebe BILLINGS was born on May 26 1761. Parents: Increase BILLINGS and Phebe STARKE.

bullet Ransler BILLINGS Parents: Increase BILLINGS and Phebe STARKE.

bulletSamuel BILLINGS died in 1793. Parents: Increase BILLINGS and Phebe STARKE.

bulletSamuel BISHOP Jr..

He was married to Mary JOHNSON on May 13 1695.

bullet John P. BISSELL

He was married to Temperance STARKE on Jun 3 1790.

bullet Richard BLANCHET

He was married to Berniece DANNER.

bullet David BLOWERS

bulletBOLTON .

She was married to Bunk PETRE.

bullet Mary BOLTON was born in Stockbridge, Mass..

She was married to Isaac Augur STARK. Children were: STARK, STARK, STARK.

bullet Ida N. BRENNER died in 1926.

She was married to Nathan Tuttle STARK on May 19 1906.

bullet Rachel BROCKETT

She was married to Lieut. Caleb JOHNSON on Jan 28 1731.

bullet Adolphus BROWER

He was married to Ella Amanda STARK on May 20 1872 in Stark on the Hill, Sycamore, Illinois.

bullet Garnett Jeannine BROWN was born on Apr 22 1934.

bulletGarnett Jeannine BROWN was born on Apr 22 1934.

She was married to Earl Dee PRATHER on Nov 11 1964. Children were: Julia Earline PRATHER, Claude Willis PRATHER, Garnet Wayne PRATHER.

bullet Nathaniel BROWN

bulletMary BURROWS.

bulletCol. Zebulon BUTLER. Col. Butler was commander of the patriot forces in the battle of Wyoming.

He was married to Lydia JOHNSON.

bullet Abigail CAMP

bulletDeborah CAREY was born on Feb 17 1747. She died on Mar 12 1812.

She was married to Silas STARKE on Apr 8 1784. Children were: Charlotte STARKE, Dimmis STARKE, Jabez Hough STARKE.

bullet Elizabeth CAREY

She was married to James STARKE.

bullet Mary Polly CAREY died in 1795. She was born in Dutches County, NY. Parents: Nathan CAREY and Mary.

She was married to William STARKE. Children were: Nathan STARK, William STARK , Lucy STARK, Mary STARK , Nancy STARK, John STARK , James G. STARK, Oliver STARKE , Elizabeth STARK, Samuel STARK , Frederick STARK.

bullet Nathan CAREY

He was married to Mary. Children were: Mary Polly CAREY.

bullet Robert CARLISLE

bulletJohn CARR.

bulletLydia CARVER.

She was married to Jefferson Oliver STARK on Nov 13 1875 in Beloit, Wisc.

bullet Aaron Malichi CHASE Parents: Gerald Fred CHASE and Jenny.

bullet Angela Marie CHASE was born on Jan 10 1971. Parents: Timothy Lee CHASE and Cathy.

bullet Brittany CHASE Parents: Paul CHASE and Connie.

bullet Caleb CHASE Parents: Gerald Fred CHASE and Jenny.

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