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I’ve removed my blogroll from the site. And while I was at it, I removed dozens of blogs from my reading list at Google reader. Why?

I’ll be subscribing to some blogs that I don’t want everyone knowing I’m subscribing to. So, yeah, privacy. And all that jazz.

I could spend a lot of time managing a public list and a private list, but that won’t happen because I’m too busy and nobody cares: two events which guarantee stalls. If something is really good, I’ll share it in a post. If it’s pretty good, I’ll share it in the section to the right (New Posts I’ve Enjoyed). Else, you just won’t know what I’m reading.

However, as of today, here’s what I’m not reading anymore.

I’ve unsubscribed from anyone and everyone (yes, that means you) that doesn’t publish a full feed. I’m just tired of it. Yes, that includes even such stalwarts as A List Apart. For all their bluster about web standards, you’d think they’d jump on the full-feed bandwagon. Although, at this point, it really isn’t a bandwagon anymore. In fact, not having a full feed is ancient history. As in, so 2005.

I also unsubscribed from blogs that spent too many posts talking about how many subscriptions they get, how much money they make, why they haven’t blogged for a week (only to not blog for yet another week following such a post), or anyone that doesn’t publish anything original ever - or nearly ever as much as I can tell.

I’m all for the “check out this” and “check out this”, but if that’s all you ever do, well, I have other things to do. Busy. Very busy.

It was actually kind of easy because I got real busy the past three weeks and haven’t had time to read my posts. I also didn’t get much time to post since the superbowl. When I jumped back on today, I pretty much unsubscribed from any blogger that hadn’t posted since my last post (unless I knew them personally or certain corporate blogs that I have to keep on queue). The way I see it, I read “up”. By which I mean, I read folks for inspiration, motivation, ideas, controversy, and to learn stuff. I figure if those folks can’t publish more often than me, then I just can’t take the time, know what I mean?

And no offense to my loyal readers, but for the most part, I tend to assume they are beneath me in terms of being bloggers. I have no illusions that better bloggers than me read my blog. So, why should I read those below mine? Yes, I realize that will be a problem if I ever become a top 100 blogger, so this policy is subject to change. For now, though, I’m going with my fav bloggers.

Shockingly, that still leaves me with almost 70 feeds, and that will probably grow throughout the year.

Why am I bothering to tell you, the reader, all of this. Because I recommend you do the same. Time is so precious on this earth. As much as I’d like to read certain blogs with partial feeds, I just can’t make an exception. Not when there is so much other good stuff begging for my attention.

When I first started out, trying to find good blogs to read, I was happy to subscribe to anything. Now that I have a healthy list of solid feeds, I’m leaving some of my first loves. I might check back in occassionally to see if they’ve switched to a full-feed. But probably not. So, unless some other full-feed blogger writes about your switch, then all I can say is, too bad, so sad. I’ve been more than patient. It’s 2008. I can’t keep holding hands with low-tech bloggers forever.

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