Ruby on Rails books for Sale

I’m no longer going to be pursuing the Ruby on Rails world. There are many reasons why and I’m not sure I want to elaborate here on all of them. At least not now. Not yet.

But you can profit from my loss. I’ve put up eight Ruby on Rails books for sale on eBay today. So, if you’ve been wanting to learn Ruby on Rails, this is your chance to do it for a very reasonable price. Starting bid is only 99 cents and there are nearly $300 of books (over 3,000 pages of material), so it’s going to be a great bargain for someone.

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I got here after reading your text on the eBay auction. Just to make things very clear, I am not going to bid on the books. Postage to Portugal would make the deal less interesting and I wouldn’t need more than 2 of those books anyway. Actually, I don’t really need any of them, I would just like to read them for fun.

So, after that and if you’re still reading, I would be very interested in knowing why are you giving up on Rails. Yes, I read that you are not interested in elaborating on the subject here. What I’m not sure is if that means that you’re not interested on elaborating on the subject on a public forum or if you just can’t be bothered to waste your time writing about it. If the first best describes your motivations then you have my email so feel free to tell me about it. I promise not to waste (any more of) your time with further questions.

Oh, just to add a bit more info, I’m currently not a full time programmer. I currently doing more software quality related work and training.

So, that’s it, have fun and all that.

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