Inbound Faxing

FaxDigitsI’ve tried for a while to find a faxing service that will just let me get inbound faxes. The vast majority of online faxing services are tied to the idea that a user wants to send out faxes. Certainly, the biggest fax provider, eFax, is setup with this thinking. I’ve looked a few times and then got to busy to keep at it. But I think I found a good one.

Favorite Shareware

This is basically a list in the spirit of my Favorite Freeware page - the difference being, of course, that you’ll have to pay for this software, although usually very little (under $40). Beyond that, and soon you are talking real software apps! Ouch! If I could find a little freeware app that would do the same as some of this, I’d give it a whirl, but sometimes you just have to pony up and pay the piper (whatever that means).

Favorite Freeware

This is the freeware that I love and actually use. In fact, I’m always amazed how few folks seem to know about some of this stuff. So, I figured I’d list it here.

This is all true freeware and some of it is also available for Linux. Some of it I’ve used for years… other’s I’ve used for only a short while, but I do use them. Some of these I use in building sites, but some I use for just everyday stuff.