George Eads and Trish Suhr - Separated at Birth?

Photos by Trish Suhr & RetnaEverytime I saw Trish Suhr on Style’s Clean House television show, I kept thinking she reminded me of someone. Someone I knew, someone on television, someone… Finally, it hit me a few days ago. Her mannerisms, her vocal inflections, her accent, and her looks are all very similar to actor George Eads.

Of course, I’m all too familiar with George Eads because I think I’ve seen nearly every episode of CSI in which he plays character Nick Stokes. According to their bios, I’m supposedly dead wrong. But maybe they have a common ancestor because the similarities are uncanny. If you know Trish or George, have them check out their genealogies together (they could use Geni which is a great way to share family histories).