If you live in Brevard, as many of my readers do, and are looking for great places to find free internet wireless access, a good place to start is this page in Brevard Directory. Some Palm Bay residents have pointed out that even the new Starbucks in Palm Bay is not offering wireless access yet. That sure is a mystery to me. Even the Wendy’s at Palm Bay Road and Babcock has free wireless access, although the service there is a little weak since the access point is buried in the manager’s office.

Of course, there a number of places where you can pay for access, like at Barnes & Noble. Typically, though, these places are less-friendly, more crowded, and you end up supporting out-of-town corporations instead of the great local businesses in town. My two cents, so far, goes to Sun Shoppe Cafe in downtown Melbourne where you can find me occasionally. Of course, I’m not a big coffee drinker, so I like to hang out a place that has real food (I might add great food when it comes to Sun Shoppe). Plus, the music is very good. The girls bring their iPods to work and plug them into the sound system, so it’s always something new and interesting - no corporate playlists like at Barnes & Noble.

What’s your favorite wireless hang-out?

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