Came across this site that sells some pretty wild shirts and thought I’d pass it along your way. There are some great shirts, this being my favorite (especially when you recall that the area that patriots (uh, ‘rebels’ as the British called them) in the 1770’s used to meet was called “The Liberty Tree”. After town meetings, they would meet their to plan their tar-and-feathering of shirksome, British, corporate pollywog types. And a few slightly more nefarious activities there, too. We should have Liberty Trees again today.

They also have a small section of “Anti-Hillary” t-shirts for those of you gearing up for 2008. A few of the shirts have those long “Top 10″ lists on the back of the shirt if you are into that sort of thing, but I prefer the bold, brief statement that says it all like the one pictured here.

My only complaint is that most of the shirts have black or dark backgrounds, which although nice-looking, is a not very nice to wear in Florida about 8 months of the year. Maybe they’ll start offering more tan or lighter-color backgrounds soon.

They also have a large “pro-Reagan” section, which is kind of interesting, when you consider they have a good “pro-gun” selection and that Reagan signed into law one of the more stringent anti-gun pieces of legislation when he was Governor of California. But, he did defeat communism. Which goes to prove that you will be better remembered for the great and heroic things you do later in life, more than you will for the shirksome things you did earlier in life. So, have heart, all you shirkers: Just call a wicked dictator’s country an “evil empire” on a worldwide telecast and you too can be given a fresh start.

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