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Joe’s Goals

I’ve been playing with Joe’s Goals for a few months. Joe seems like a pretty good guy who just got married on August 26. I don’t know if that was one of his goals or not, but he has definitely worked hard to make such a simple free goal tracking application. He is nearing 10,000 users. If you are needing a simple way to track some goals that you need to get done each day, I’d highly recommend considering Joe’s Goals. Unlike a lot of goal tracking software, Joe’s Goals is very simple, very Web 2.0, and very hip. A child could use it. Try it and see if it will help you to remember to get those daily chores done a bit more often.

Conservative Shirts

Came across this site that sells some pretty wild shirts and thought I’d pass it along your way. There are some great shirts, this being my favorite (especially when you recall that the area that patriots (uh, ‘rebels’ as the British called them) in the 1770’s used to meet was called “The Liberty Tree”. After town meetings, they would meet their to plan their tar-and-feathering of shirksome, British, corporate pollywog types. And a few slightly more nefarious activities there, too. We should have Liberty Trees again today.

They also have a small section of “Anti-Hillary” t-shirts for those of you gearing up for 2008. A few of the shirts have those long “Top 10″ lists on the back of the shirt if you are into that sort of thing, but I prefer the bold, brief statement that says it all like the one pictured here.

Windows XP Taskbar Efficiency

I was at a friend’s house recently and was watching him navigate his own system. It occurred to me how much more efficient he could have set up his computer. I’ve often thought this when I’ve seen other people’s computers, so I thought I’d finally share some ways in which I try to be as efficient as possible. Hopefully, this will help save you some time each week.

The Windows taskbar is a great tool and can really save you a lot of time if you use it to its maximum potential. Otherwise, it is just a waste of precious screen space. In fact, this friend had his taskbar in the “auto-hide” mode which made sense partially because his taskbar wasn’t working that well for him.