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For those who follow my site religiously, which includes about a half-dozen wacky friends, a few wayward internet surfers, and a guy named “Moses” (or is it a ‘bot’?), you may not have noticed, but I’ve started adding some more static content along the side. So far, these include such astounding lists as the talk show hosts that I like the most, my favorite freeware, and my controversial, yet oh-so-ever insightful list of the top 10 guitar gods of all time.

Coming very soon, will be a list of 50 albums considered to be critical to (popular/rock/soft rock) music, by my twisted standards of music obviously. Also, despite my dread in doing so, I’m being compelled by outside forces who I can not name here, to put some movie lists on here. I’m somewhat of a movie buff as some folks know, but I hate to do this since it seems every other website under the sun already has such a list. I don’t mind the music lists (my true passion anyway), but movies??? Someone post a comment agreeing with me that it is a waste of bandwidth.

Of course, Salberg’s 12 Commandments of Business will be published shortly here, too. They will serve as the outline for my e-book which will be available here first once complete. Free, of course. Who actually buys e-books?

I’m also considering publishing the first chapter of my novel here for critical review, sordid mocking, and public flogging. The possible title is “The Last Sunset”. I haven’t done a full copyright search yet, so if someone knows about another novel with that name already, please email me the author’s home address so I can have my henchmen pay him a visit. Seriously, I have a backup title anyway which I’m sure is clear of lawsuit issues: “Revenge of the Sith”, but here’s the catch - there are no Sith Lords in my novel! I’d like to see the LucasFilm lawyers squirm their way into court once they discover that! A-ha! Fat chance, silly lawyers!

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