Until recently, there was little talk of such a European country as Ukraine. First, there were no serious reasons and secondly, there were not so many migrants among Ukrainians - The female part has settled on the site bebemur.com. But today the situation has seriously changed. Ukraine appears on the world political arena more often than it was during the whole history of its independence and the aggravated financial crisis intensified the flow of migrants that flocked to Europe and the US in search of a better life. We will not give an expert assessment of these events but the increased interest in Ukrainians has affected almost all areas of activity.

Ukrainian Women

If you once visited a dating site or tried to somehow improve your personal life with the help of other resources, you must have met a Ukrainian woman who was looking for the same thing as you. Some men have information and are happy to start communication, and some are bewildered: "Ok, I want to meet Ukrainian women. But what should I do? This is such a distant country. Is there a completely different culture? Do people have a different mentality? Are Ukrainians similar to Russians, as they say? Or are those who say that Ukrainian cultural and moral values are closer to European ones, right? Is understanding Ukrainian women worth it?" Such questions can confound anyone. Even the most active and stubborn of us fold before such a "cultural barrier." But this is completely wrong.

In fact, Ukrainians are very open to the world. They willingly share what is valuable to them. Ukrainians are always happy to exchange experiences with other people. This makes them excellent interlocutors, who always have an interesting story for you and who will listen with the same pleasure to your story. This approach to openness and tolerance allows us to confidently talk about their mentality. Many Western men have found beautiful wives among Ukrainian girls and they gladly share a story about what one should know when entering into relations with a beautiful Ukrainian woman. It is on the basis of such stories we wrote our article. We will try to draw a portrait of typical Ukrainian women but you have to make your own conclusions. Enjoy reading!

Family Values


Probably, it is the attitude to the family that makes up the main difference between Ukrainian and Western women. What can a modern American or European woman say about a family institute? Most likely, you will hear a lot of loud statements that this institution is outdated. The most radical will tell you that it is a relic of the past. Feminist propaganda reaches many women in a distorted form. The very idea of equality is interpreted incorrectly because the foundation on which feminism rests now is built from the rejection of the worst that was in the "old" model of the family. But there is the best! There are irreplaceable things. Ukrainians in this issue have succeeded most: they took the novelty of the ideas of modern feminism, got rid of the tyrannical attitude of men but retained the notion of a "family hearth" in the form in which it SHOULD exist in a cultural environment. Ukrainian women and culture (in the highest sense of the word) are the closest synonyms.

A Ukrainian wife is an active person who knows how to distribute her time so that she can "keep up with everything". At the same time, the family will always be on the honorable first place for her. It happened that their maternal instinct is so developed that they are almost always the best mothers you can only dream about. A Ukrainian woman will always take care of the family's interests first. For her, this is the main thing in life, the highest value. And when a Ukrainian woman gets into another cultural environment, she always takes this attitude with her, because this is part of her soul's special features. Namely, they are an important part of the popularity of dating Ukrainian women.


In Ukraine, girls are taught to be good housewives from a very young age. The training is done by the mother and grandmother of the girl. Surprisingly, if you meet a woman among Ukrainians who cannot cook, most likely no one will believe you. While some of us spend years, hundreds of dollars, and an incredible amount of nerves to learn how to prepare a sandwich, it’s so easy with an incredible Ukrainian skill. The secret of their success is simple: they cook with love. In general, food takes a special place in Ukrainian culture. Even the smallest celebration does not pass without a plentiful feast for these people. And no one ever calls restaurants for help or round-the-clock food delivery. The woman should be able to cope with everything herself.

Ukrainians are the most ardent adherents of purity and order. Cleaning them is akin to a ritual: a few strokes of a rag, simple manipulation with a mop and your home will shine as in the advertisement. And maybe even brighter. Cleanliness in the house is the criterion by which the skills of the hostess of the house and her love for her own family are assessed in Ukraine. Hence, there is such a zealous attitude to the external appearance of your common home. Ukrainian girls dating, among other advantages, is all about true сoziness.



Ask a Ukrainian woman: what is her role in this life? The role of the mother, she will confidently answer. And this is not a lie: as we have already said, motherhood is of great importance for a Ukrainian girl. This is the great wisdom: it is through motherhood, through the upbringing of children that a woman discovers herself. That source of joy, which opens before a woman when she gives life to a new human being, is inexhaustible. Ukrainians are well aware of this and will never miss this great opportunity. Some men say that Ukrainian girls are too zealous for their duties and do not allow men to actively participate in the upbringing of children. Of course, this is not true. Yes, the cases are different: it all depends on a particular lady. But in general, it isn’t in the nature of Ukrainians to take all responsibility for themselves. The husband's advice is as important as his own opinion. If you are concerned about how much your potential wife might want children, refer to the statistics. It shows that in Ukraine there are not a lot of large families. Usually there are 2-3 children in the family, not more. And this is despite the negative economic performance in this country. This trend has long been fixed.


Ukrainian women often choose a family, not a career. This is evidenced by statistics and, in general, from the communication with Ukrainian women, this immediately becomes clear. But time passes and the world changes. Dating a Ukrainian woman can mean something more than the usual picture of life: "the wife stays at home, and the husband goes to work." Today, more often you can hear that girls are happy to master the IT profession or receive other special skills. Ukrainians are no exception. Most likely, your girlfriend will want to combine the family and earn money. Modern technologies and the development of methods of communication give them this opportunity. There are many freelancers among Ukrainian mothers. Thanks to this innovative approach to work, a woman can choose working hours. Thus, she has improved as a professional while remaining an excellent mother. If your girl chooses this kind of activity, do not refuse her. She needs your understanding and some kind of freedom. After all, this is what they are looking for in Western men who are considered more modern and open. Do not disappoint her!

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