No Ethics for Web Designers and Developers!

I recently decided to put a code of ethics on my business website. Calling it “Our Pledge”, I thought it would be a quick task that involved a few Google and Yahoo! searches. I was very wrong.

You would think a code of ethics would be a simple matter. In 2008, I fully expected to find dozens of examples from which to emulate or follow. I could hardly find any, and the few I found were paltry and even laughable.

Dumb Job Ads: Web Developer Job Opportunity

Just when I thought the dumb job ads had maybe disappeared, this little gem appeared in my inbox, courtesy of Mark and Deepa Toomey at Sarastaff Employment Services in Sarasota, Florida.

I almost hate to out someone who’s careless enough to use software to scan profiles and resumes, bombarding email inboxes, but fail to note that I’ve quite clearly indicated no interest in moving across the state of Florida. Yes, I almost hate to do it. But when the job itself is written so, well, dumb, then you just have to share it with everyone.

Google Analytics Script does not Validate in XHTML 1.0 Strict

Photo by .dan.Call me a standards fanatic, but I try (!) to keep a few of my websites pure and clean. Clean from bad code, that is. Being a web developer, it seems not only important for outward purposes (just in case anybody be spying on me code!), but I also learn a lot by holding myself to a higher standard.

Why the need for part-time Web developers?

I keep seeing ads here and there for “part-time web developers”. I have to confess my ignorance, but I don’t understand these advertisements. Is there a website to develop or not? If so, isn’t it to the client’s benefit that the website be done as quickly as possible?

If a website were a building construction project, what would you think about everyone being asked to work part-time? In the end, the project will still cost the same (since everyone is paid hourly), but it will just take a lot longer now.

Dumb Job Ads: Two Crazy Craigslist Ads

Craigslist is so full of bad ads that I’m trying to avoid using them as fodder for my little series on Dumb Job Ads.

But today, two of them struck at once. It was like being confronted by that dual lightsaber thing that Darth Maul use: I couldn’t go left, I couldn’t go right. Stuck.

Here’s the first one:

Internet Hacker/ web promoter needed

I need a person that is very good with driving traffic to website. I am not so much concerned about how my websites look, but about it making money.
Will work out deal depending on your capabilities.

Death to Techie Primadonnas

Shane & Peter, two of my web developer heroes (yeah, I know that sounds weird, but think of them as sort of really cool quarterbacks in the NFL if that makes it easier for you), have put up a cute definition on their blog of the word “techneurotic” which they pretend is an adjective. Hey, it’s a made up word, so they can do with it as they please. But, I’d like to hijack the word as a noun.

Still, here’s one of their three definitions:

2. Compulsive gadget buying behavior fueled by the impossible ideal that you can own a piece of technology that is not already obsolete

Dumb Job Ads: Web Developer!

Hold on to your punctuation hats and watch out for flying exclamation points. You’re sure to be excited by this dumb job ad:

TRIAD Personnel is currently seeking a creative web developer to join a great company in the Melbourne area! We are looking for someone with multimedia web software knowledge (Macromedia and Adobe applications). Candidate must also have strong knowledge of ASP and PHP as well as in a .NET environment including ASP/VB, JavaScript, XML, MySQL and database design principles. Candidate will be a liaison between IT and Marketing departments and other teams to ensure web content and design is effective. If you meet this qualifications and want to work with a great team, please send us your resume for IMMEDIATE consideration. Thank you!