Mac Users are Dense

I had a Mac user write me and seem surprised that he had to upgrade a piece of expensive software to keep up with his latest install of OSX 10.4. I actually love Macs, but I just hate dealing with Mac users. Here’s why.

No matter what O/S someone runs, there is no substitute for education - for knowing what (exactly) you have under the hood, and learning how hardware and software interface on your machine, editing config files, adjusting parameters, etc. Just like a car, right? You can buy a Toyota at $30,000 and say it is better and never breaks down and blah, blah, blah, and that is just fine. But don’t blame me if the whole world thinks the Toyota person is a moron because he can’t change a flat tire, or change his oil. It is still a car. Spending more doesn’t isolate you from that cold reality.