St. Lucie Clerk of Courts: We ain’t got no internet

It’s 2008. Really. But if you live in St. Lucie County, you might not know that.

I just had to pay a speeding ticket I received sometime ago (thanks FHP!). Apparently, “sometime ago” should not be much longer than 30 days. Else you get a nasty letter from the State of Florida. The patrolman who wrote the ticket was nicer than the letter I got from the Department of Motor Vehicles - and he had a gun.

So, I called today to pay the ticket. Over the phone. Big mistake.

Alan’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge

My friend Alan has issued a challenge for bloggers to post at least once per day for the next 30 days. He’s hardly the first blogger I’ve read that has issued such a challenge, but he’s the first one I know personally. So, it would be kind of a shame to let him down.

Plus, although I sort of credit myself with getting him into blogging, he’s definitely learned a lot because he forces himself to try new things. He once had a blog just about American Idol - a show I’ve proudly never watched. But he learned a lot about blogging and traffic by doing it, and he made some bucks at the same time.

Visitors to Blog Way Up

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all my consistent readers, as well as a warm welcome to newer visitors. Traffic to the Salberg.Org site has been way up as of late. In fact, as of COB (close of business) on Nov 7, traffic has increased beyond September and October’s total numbers. I look forward to meeting your expectations and keeping you informed, entertained, and hopefully at least a little off-balance - else I just wouldn’t be me, right?

Traffic Log Can Help Save Money

Many businesses and organizations waste a lot of money staffing during non-productive hours. Worse, they almost always under staff during busy hours.

Download the attached Excel spreadsheet to start tracking the people coming into your place of business. I’m giving this away for free, but please don’t redistribute it under your own name. However, feel free to modify it for your own office’s use.

The log is ideal for determining office hours, staffing hours, etc. Generally, a front desk receptionist should be put in charge of the sheet. I recommend a minimum of two weeks of data before making any decisions based on the data. A two-month period is more ideal, however.

Blog Visits from Other Countries

I happened to check the origin of visitors to my blog and found some very strange results. Besides the United States, visits to my blogs from other countries are ranked in order as follows: Saudi Arabia, The Czech Republic, Canada, and Norway.

While I did spend a great many years growing up in Saudi, I’ve not yet mentioned it on this blog. So someone there must be looking me up, but I don’t recall anyone from Saudi that still actually lives in Saudi. So whoever you are — identify yourself!

Signs of the Times

I wrote this as sort of a spoof or comedy bit. Maybe you’ll find it funny. Maybe you won’t. If you love to drive I’m thinking you might.

If any driver thinks that the open road is freedom or that their independence is found in their vehicle, let them rethink the situation. We can not drive without being reminded at every quarter mile by some sign that we are bound by the whims and fancies of rogue puppet dictators: city planners, homeowner associations, and worse, the state department of transportation. Whether we realize it or not, these groups exact a toll upon our driving that we often succumb to without even realizing it. Many of the signs do not make sense. The chief of all nonsensical signs is the “Do Not Pass” sign, which if obeyed, would put an end to most trips real quick. All that is needs to be added is “Do Not Collect $200″. But, the dictators’ attempts to control our driving doesn’t end there.