Ted Murphy of PayPerPost tries Social Networking in Central Florida

Ted Murphy, the founder of controversial Orlando-based PayPerPost, is at it once again.

He has recently founded a social network for Central Florida web workers called Doterati. There’s much wrong with this, but perhaps a few things right with it. I’m all about giving someone a second chance - even when Death Star attack sirens are going off in my head.

When I say he “founded” a social network, I mean to say that he spent an afternoon or two using Ning’s excellent network-creating web application to slap up a few pages to get it going. He did buy the domain name however (in his own name), and he has relegated himself to a “user” as far as any casual visitor to the site would know.

Dumb Job Ads: Code Ninja & DBAs Needed at IZEA

Izea, the newly formed “cover” company for Ted Murphy’s controversial PayPerPost posted this little ditty (repeated below) on Craigslist yesterday. The company continues to denigrate the very people that work for them by their use of such terms like “code ninja” and speaking down to them as if they are all GeekSquad, World of Warcraft players in need of some righteous job. Previously, they’ve referred to their workers as “code monkeys”. Apparently, the one thing you can never be at PayPerPost is a “developer” or “software engineer”. Nope. Monkey and Ninja is it. Expect to be paid like a monkey and treated like one, too.