Hertz Survey Flawed

[See March 5, 2008 Update below]

Are companies ever going to “get it”? I like Hertz. But, boy this email I got from Joseph Nothwang, made me really wonder whether they have a clue. He claims to be the “executive vice-president and president of vehicle rental and leasing for the Americas and the Pacific”. Huh? Is that the most ridiculous and overly lofty title you’ve ever heard? How can you be the Executive Vice-President and the President at the same time? I’m not sure I even want to know. What irritated me most about his title is that Hertz apparently dumps the good ol’ U.S. of A. in with all the other “Americas”. What? Is the USA just a mere player in “the Americas”? Hey Hertz! Don’t send me email like this from your stinkin’ globalist department. I’m not part of your one-world NAFTA thinking.

Best Buy will probably follow CompUSA into Outer Darkness

Much hullabaloo has been made of the supposed ’shocking’ news that CompUSA was closing all its stores and officially going out of business. To quote Jane’s Addiction, “Nothing’s Shocking”.

I wrote a complaint letter to CompUSA several years ago before they closed their Melbourne store (along with dozens of others) to let them know about the shenanigans going on at that store. In it, I discussed nearly every pitfall and problem that the store had, and what they needed to do to turn it around. I wish, for the life of me, I could find that letter, but I think it was on a laptop whose hard drive I since reformatted. I had virtually predicted its inevitable decline and, yes, I would like credit for that now that they have been crushed under the weight of their stupidity.

Which Superhero or Villain are you?

So, I took the same quiz that millions of other netizens are taking and was both pleased and concerned. According to the results, Green Lantern most fits my personality. I’m not surprised. He was one of my favorite superheroes as a kid (below Superman and DareDevil). But I was a little concerned about which villain it said I would be. The Joker? Boy, I always hated him. You know how you can admire, in a strange way, some villains? Like Lex Luthor or the Kingpin? But this basically says that if I ever turn to the dark side, I’ll be a real insane guy. So, don’t make me mad, I guess. I think I was excluded from being Lex or the Kingpin because I answered no to the question, “Are you bald?”. I probably never will be since us Salberg’s tend to keep our hair. Even my grandfather had a pretty decent amount of hair left when he died at 92. But why does that mean I have to wear clown makeup and laugh like a madman? Seems a bit unfair. I’d rather be bald and wear a nice suit.

Genuine Surveys

I must be alone. Apparently, the thought level on this subject is so high I can not hope to understand it. Or it is so common as to be unquestionable by anyone. I’m talking about those surveys that are handed out to college students near the end of each semester asking them to rate their professor on a variety of skills. The surveys are supposed to be anonymous, although I’m sure I’m not the first student to be highly suspicious of this administration claim. Considering the time and expense for all involved, I struggle to comprehend how these surveys could be of any use - to anyone. The only sad answer I keep coming back to is that they are a token gesture toward students who don’t think very far beyond their #2 pencil. Maybe I’m wrong.