The Silence of God

I’ve been listening to Andrew Peterson lately and the song “The Silence of God” has really struck me as such a wonderful testimony to the way God interacts with his people. I had a friend lean over to me suddenly in a group of people and say, “What if there is no answer? What if God has said all he is going to say in his Word?”. How right. At some point, you stop searching for answers, you stop seeking for some great revelation, you stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. Your faith is that God alone is sufficient to provide. Is your faith going to carry you - or leave you wanting?

Letter to a Christian friend missing from Church

I’m writing to express my concern over your absence at church. Please understand that I am writing out of love and concern for you and your family. I also want you to know that I am writing this on my own accord. It is only my idea, and I have not been encouraged or requested to do so by any other persons.