On the Importance to Men of Raising Children

There are many events in a man’s life which may rightfully be labeled important. In my own experience, I often look back to determine how these events have changed me, how they have shaped me, or how I have grown through them. Through this reflection, I recognize only one event significant enough to be labeled important, that is, life-changing. Although it can hardly be called a singular event, the raising of children, each day, is the most important event of my life.

Products of Public School?

I’m not sure if I’m more a fan of homeschooling, or just very hateful toward public schools. Get back to me on that one.

I’ve been taking a few college courses lately (junior year) and in one particular course, I’ve received a stunning number of emails begging for help. Not study group requests, not even an “I’m stumped” email. But emails asking me (and hundreds of other students) for us to do their work for them. There’s always a heart-breaking reason. I thought I’d share them here for a laugh at the future of America. But, I wonder if it would be right to also share their names and email addresses, too. If I could find a compelling reason to do so, I think I would. I’m sure they are all public school graduates.

Compulsory Education Laws and their Effect on My Family

“Law”, said the English judge Sir William Blackstone, “is the embodiment of the moral sentiment of the people” (Edwards 343). Accordingly, the compulsory education laws in America have served greatly to further injure the very thing they originally set about to amend. As a homeschooling father of five small children, I am thankful to those who have resisted the untoward advances of state educational power over children. They rightly understood that if parents do not retain the ultimate responsibility and authority over the education of their children, they, in effect, have no control over the raising of their children in any sphere, whether it is moral, social, spiritual, or mental.