Still not getting Twitter. Help me out.

I’ve been on Twitter now for a while (maybe four months?). And this is the second time I’ve joined. And I’m still not fully getting it. It’s extremely time consuming when I use it.

While it might only be little flashes of light throughout the day (using Twirl), it’s still distracting when you are working on a project. Or on the phone with a client.

Email is Dead for Me

After a less-than-rousing response to a conference in which I invited 18 male friends who live locally, and got only two responses at all, I sent a second, perhaps ill-advised second email the following week, exactly seven days later, asking, “Hey, what gives? Why no response?”

Here’s what I sent (hold your breath - it’s a bit rough, but remember that most of the recipients were people I’ve known for over a decade - all men):

Yahoo’s Fire Eagle

I just got my invite to Yahoo’s new Fire Eagle web application. (Incidentally, they sent along four others that I can give away to whomever would like one - just contact me). I have to say… I’m impressed!

Fire Eagle is, as far as I know, Yahoo’s first full web app built with Ruby on Rails (they normally use PHP/Python for most of their stuff). The idea behind Fire Eagle is that you can update your physical location via a number of methods, including third-party websites and cell phones, and then display it using a number of methods, such as your blog, your Facebook profile, etc. I’m no fan of Rails, having recently abandoned the platform, but if anyone is going to make Rails work and leave the arrogance of its founders in the dust, it’s Yahoo.