San Francisco is Completely Whacked

A friend sent me a link to photos from a January 2006 pro-life march in San Francisco, which shows, along with the accompanying photos and videos, the rabid nature of San Francisco’s pro-choice people. It was so bad, that the police were out in the hundreds to protect the pro-life crowd from attacks - and to keep the march going while pro-choice protesters made three not-so-valiant attempts to block it.

Palm Bay Can’t have CIA Spy Drone for Now

Palm Bay’s Police Department is apparently a bit miffed because they lost out on getting a spy drone. Huh? 90% of good law enforcement is community based. Flying spy satellites over us to check out supposed crimes is against not only 4th amendment rights (are they going to get a warrant for all of Palm Bay?), but also really steps into a gray area in regards to the Posse Comitatus Act which prohibits the feds from acting like cops (basically).