Red Sox Fan hates watching soccer after Revolution loses MLS Championship

I received a letter from a disheartened Boston sports fan. In the past, he indicated that New England (Boston) could win up to possibly five championships this year. The Red Sox have already won the world series. The Patriots are a near shoe-in for the Superbowl (just saying that causes me to grimace being a Dolphins fan). The Celtics are doing very well. And the Boston Bruins (ice hockey) have a winning record (9-7-2) although they are currently ranked 19th in the league. But anything is possible.

Patriots-Dolphin Game Exposes New England’s Weaknesses

Final Score: New England: 49, Miami: 28.

Well, congrats to the New England Pats. Brady executed a near flawless game against a torn, deflated, and winless Miami secondary. Despite a few incomplete passes and nearly being sacked four times (only one of which was official), Brady got a perfect passer rating, mostly due to a whopping six touchdowns.

In fact, no one expected much less from New England and they performed as well as expected, if not better against the worst team in the NFL (Miami) - at least as far as the standings go.

Dolphins Shock the World - Uphold 1972 Undefeated Squad

Miami DolphinsI never once doubted my faithful Dolphins to, at the least, uphold the legacy of the legendary undefeated 1972 Dolphins. But, today they did it not only with fervor, they did it with an amazing display of showmanship and grace, leaving the fans at Soldier Field open-mouthed, stunned and wondering if they were in a dream.