Compact Fluorescent Bulbs by 2012 - or Else!

If you haven’t heard, President Bush signed a new energy bill into law. FiveCentNickel has a pretty good summary here (although a bit critical).

The biggest change is that traditional incandescent bulbs will be outlawed, starting with 100 watt bulbs by 2010.

If you recall, I announced that I would switch my entire home to compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL’s) in February of 2007. As of now, I’ve had all CFL’s for about 10 months. I have not replaced a single bulb since then. I used to replace at least one incandescent bulb per month.

Compulsory Education Laws and their Effect on My Family

“Law”, said the English judge Sir William Blackstone, “is the embodiment of the moral sentiment of the people” (Edwards 343). Accordingly, the compulsory education laws in America have served greatly to further injure the very thing they originally set about to amend. As a homeschooling father of five small children, I am thankful to those who have resisted the untoward advances of state educational power over children. They rightly understood that if parents do not retain the ultimate responsibility and authority over the education of their children, they, in effect, have no control over the raising of their children in any sphere, whether it is moral, social, spiritual, or mental.