You can contact me in a number of ways, but my email is usually the best way.

And of course, the good old-fashioned, time-wasting, instant messaging. Here’s my Yahoo! Messenger link:

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Long Lost Friends

Sort of a “where are they now?”, this is a list of some friends that I once had - some good friends, some just acquaintances, that I’d like to hear from. I made a token effort to Google them but didn’t find much. Yes, of course, if I had the time, I could probably hunt them down like rabbits! But I always hate that first question, “How in the world did you ever find me?” and then, if I tell them truth, it is always a little scary to them since they realize that my mind is perhaps more cunning than most of the people on the FBI’s Most Wanted. Always a tough hurdle to overcome when you first get back in touch with someone - ha ha. So, I figured, I’m busy anyway, so I’ll just post this and see if anyone contacts me over the next year or so. Another friend of mine did this on his blog and I thought it was a pretty cool idea.

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Why “Rebel Scum”?

The result of a long-standing joke, really. And not even funny. But it pays tribute to Star Wars, and any self-respecting geek would be remiss by not tipping the hat to George. In reality, though, I am somewhat of a “rebel scum”… being that the “rebels” in Star Wars were the good guys, but yet, always underfunded and on the run from the big bad Empire, thus the moniker “scum”. So to be called a “rebel scum” is, in effect, an honor.

UPDATE - May 13, 2006

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As my friend Scott Branch taught me, let’s go with the 59 second rundown: Married, six children, love chess, the Miami Dolphins, music, reading, and trying to stay away from Taco Bell. I’m a homeschooling dad, love the Lord, but won’t cram religion down your throat - but I won’t let you cram your religion down mine either — even if its hip and trendy. On that note, I like old school theology (read: reformed), and of course, computers, blogging, web design. Can’t stay away from trying the GTD system (you know if you know). Also, my #1 attribute — efficiency, organization, business management, and beating slackers with lead pipes (good thing for them lead is so hard to find. Thank the EPA, slackers!). And of course, raising children. Which leaves me really no time for all the stuff I said before. Except work. But I’m not coming in on Saturday, Lumbergh. Or Sunday. Especially Sunday. I mean it this time.

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