Hertz Survey Flawed

[See March 5, 2008 Update below]

Are companies ever going to “get it”? I like Hertz. But, boy this email I got from Joseph Nothwang, made me really wonder whether they have a clue. He claims to be the “executive vice-president and president of vehicle rental and leasing for the Americas and the Pacific”. Huh? Is that the most ridiculous and overly lofty title you’ve ever heard? How can you be the Executive Vice-President and the President at the same time? I’m not sure I even want to know. What irritated me most about his title is that Hertz apparently dumps the good ol’ U.S. of A. in with all the other “Americas”. What? Is the USA just a mere player in “the Americas”? Hey Hertz! Don’t send me email like this from your stinkin’ globalist department. I’m not part of your one-world NAFTA thinking.