Why I Blog

Darren Rowse recently wrote a piece called the 12 Traits of Successful Bloggers. I’m not successful, but I think it underscores a bit of why I blog, and more importantly, why you should consider it. Just try it. You might like it. Didn’t your parents used to say that to you while shoving a plate full of asparagus under your nose? Hey, just because they were wrong doesn’t mean I am. Besides, I like asparagus now, especially with salmon.

Meet Jake McKee, the Community Guy

I met Jake McKee, a.ka. “The Community Guy” at BlogOrlando this past year and I’ve been meaning to cover his ideas and concepts in more depth since. Briefly, Jake made a splash onto the blogging scene by dragging Lego Corporation, kicking and screaming, into the 21st Century, by getting them to open up and connect with their existing community, all the while building the base of the community to include more and more different types of people.