Dumb Job Ads: .NET Web Developer / Foosball Champion

I’m not making this up. And I’m not seeking these out as much as you might think for three in four days. A friend sent this to me when he stumbled upon it on the Miami Craigslist here. It is a doozy, so be sure you have taken your proper dose of medication before reading it.

ichameleon/group/ develops innovative, high profile websites and applications that fuse video, audio and flash media for our clients. At least that’s our cover. We’re really secret foosball junkies.

We started an award-winning interactive ad agency that makes inventive marketing, web development and top-notch design services. If you’re a creative internet junkie ready to play around the clock to define the cutting edge, we want to hear from you. Just be prepared to engage in a grueling foosball match or two. Can you handle it?