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Here is a list of really cool resources on the net for increasing your efficiency and productivity. I refer to these resources frequently, so why hide where I’m getting some of my inspiration?

If I missed something really good, please comment below so others can find out about it, too.

These are all “high-level” productivity sources. By high level, I mean these are not just basic ideas about organization (e.g. “Make a list”). These are sources that suppose, at the outset, that you are not a clutter bug and have mastered basic organizational skills.

Productivity and Efficiency Sources

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Joe’s Goals

I’ve been playing with Joe’s Goals for a few months. Joe seems like a pretty good guy who just got married on August 26. I don’t know if that was one of his goals or not, but he has definitely worked hard to make such a simple free goal tracking application. He is nearing 10,000 users. If you are needing a simple way to track some goals that you need to get done each day, I’d highly recommend considering Joe’s Goals. Unlike a lot of goal tracking software, Joe’s Goals is very simple, very Web 2.0, and very hip. A child could use it. Try it and see if it will help you to remember to get those daily chores done a bit more often.

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Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done : The Art of Stress-Free ProductivityI am a huge fan of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”. I’ve been an efficiency expert most of my life and highly adept at getting more done faster. Yet, until David came out with his book, most of the “organizing” books I’ve read (probably over 100) were all variations on a theme. David finally codified what I and others had been thinking for sometime but often unable to put into words.

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As my friend Scott Branch taught me, let’s go with the 59 second rundown: Married, six children, love chess, the Miami Dolphins, music, reading, and trying to stay away from Taco Bell. I’m a homeschooling dad, love the Lord, but won’t cram religion down your throat - but I won’t let you cram your religion down mine either — even if its hip and trendy. On that note, I like old school theology (read: reformed), and of course, computers, blogging, web design. Can’t stay away from trying the GTD system (you know if you know). Also, my #1 attribute — efficiency, organization, business management, and beating slackers with lead pipes (good thing for them lead is so hard to find. Thank the EPA, slackers!). And of course, raising children. Which leaves me really no time for all the stuff I said before. Except work. But I’m not coming in on Saturday, Lumbergh. Or Sunday. Especially Sunday. I mean it this time.

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