You don’t need to be a Geek to be Computer Savvy


I come across two types of people it seems: Geeks, and non-Geeks. Somehow, in the past two decades, it has become to cool to be a Geek. Which is very strange. Because to define a non-Geek, I would typically say, “A cool person”. How can both be cool?

Well, not surprisingly, this has left the rest of America in the lurch, too. Here’s why this has become so damaging to middle-America.

First, middle-America has a fascination with being “cool”. They look back to their heroes, who ‘ere they may be, and remember what cool was: Elvis, James Dean, Eddie Murphy, Nikki Sixx, or whoever you thought, at one time, was cool. And they look to current cool people and think they would like to be a bit more like them: Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Tony Blair, James Hetfield, whoever.