Still not getting Twitter. Help me out.

I’ve been on Twitter now for a while (maybe four months?). And this is the second time I’ve joined. And I’m still not fully getting it. It’s extremely time consuming when I use it.

While it might only be little flashes of light throughout the day (using Twirl), it’s still distracting when you are working on a project. Or on the phone with a client.

Why I Blog

Darren Rowse recently wrote a piece called the 12 Traits of Successful Bloggers. I’m not successful, but I think it underscores a bit of why I blog, and more importantly, why you should consider it. Just try it. You might like it. Didn’t your parents used to say that to you while shoving a plate full of asparagus under your nose? Hey, just because they were wrong doesn’t mean I am. Besides, I like asparagus now, especially with salmon.

WordPress could replace “Growing Disenchantment with Social Networking”

In my prior article I wrote briefly about how I believed social networking, as we currently know it via MySpace, Facebook, et. al., is breaking down - and quickly.

Now, Anne Zelinka of megablog GigaOM reports on Chris Messina’s efforts to use WordPress as a platform to enable blogs to share their own contact lists - much like a ‘friends’ network that you might find on some proprietary system. Then, especially if other major blogging platforms emulate this idea, you’ll be able to have your own friends network on your own branded website or blog. Which is as it should be.