Dumb Job Ads: Website design ~ several projects (Orlando / Clermont)

This made my day. Another fool discovers Craigslist.


I am looking for a couple possible candidates to collaborate with me and execute some web-site designs to be developed and presented to investors. The outline for the initial project will involved similar features to Myspace and Ebay (but not as involved, of course)

The designer/programmer chosen will have the opportunity to be a part of several other projects that are being mapped out currently.

Dumb Job Ads: Code Ninja & DBAs Needed at IZEA

Izea, the newly formed “cover” company for Ted Murphy’s controversial PayPerPost posted this little ditty (repeated below) on Craigslist yesterday. The company continues to denigrate the very people that work for them by their use of such terms like “code ninja” and speaking down to them as if they are all GeekSquad, World of Warcraft players in need of some righteous job. Previously, they’ve referred to their workers as “code monkeys”. Apparently, the one thing you can never be at PayPerPost is a “developer” or “software engineer”. Nope. Monkey and Ninja is it. Expect to be paid like a monkey and treated like one, too.

New Year Resolution: Learn How to Subscribe to RSS Feeds

RSS Feed IconIn the blogging world, we all subscribe and read feeds regularly. So, if that isn’t you, and you don’t “get it” or think it is some technical trick, I encourage you to pay attention for a minute.

The Old Way

If you don’t use a feedreader, you are missing out. You are forced to do one of two things to stay on top of things: subscribe to things via email, or remember to visit certain web pages with regularity. Both have intrinsic problems.

Email interrupts your day. Email should be reserved for business-like items, friendly quick exchanges, and the like. It should not be for news and updates. Not anymore.

Dumb Job Ads: Two Crazy Craigslist Ads

Craigslist is so full of bad ads that I’m trying to avoid using them as fodder for my little series on Dumb Job Ads.

But today, two of them struck at once. It was like being confronted by that dual lightsaber thing that Darth Maul use: I couldn’t go left, I couldn’t go right. Stuck.

Here’s the first one:

Internet Hacker/ web promoter needed

I need a person that is very good with driving traffic to website. I am not so much concerned about how my websites look, but about it making money.
Will work out deal depending on your capabilities.