What makes a successful website?

I have conversations every day with people about what makes a successful website or blog? Often, these conversations are about potential websites that someone might want to build that are unrelated to an existing business. By this I mean that I’m not referring here to a website for an existing business, but a website for an “idea”.

And I consistently remind these idea-fiends that Content is King, as you hear quite often on the internet. But the “build it and they will come” mentality still exists out there. People are convinced that a good idea alone is somehow worth something. Maybe in 1998 it was. Or even in 2002. Not anymore.

100 Pages on Salberg.Org

As of this post, Salberg.Org now has 100 pages on it. Seems like a milestone worth mentioning. I hadn’t even noticed it creeping up until just checking a few things on the site after posting the previous article. I’d like to say I have 100 posts, but that isn’t entirely true. There are a lot of static pages on the site such as the archives page, my general information pages like my favorite talk radio shows, my long lost friends, and so forth. I believe this is actually the 77th post.

New Pages Added

For those who follow my site religiously, which includes about a half-dozen wacky friends, a few wayward internet surfers, and a guy named “Moses” (or is it a ‘bot’?), you may not have noticed, but I’ve started adding some more static content along the side. So far, these include such astounding lists as the talk show hosts that I like the most, my favorite freeware, and my controversial, yet oh-so-ever insightful list of the top 10 guitar gods of all time.