Chalks Airlines Self-Destructs

I received an email from a friend regarding his terrible experience flying Chalks Airlines on his one-year anniversary. Quite frankly, I had never heard of this airline before. I haven’t traveled much since getting married. Most of the airlines I flew no longer even exist: Piedmont, Eastern, TWA, and PanAm. In fact, after reading this man’s tale of woe, I really begin to hope that he would get his wish and find Chalks Airlines on Wikipedia’s List of Defunct Airlines someday - because nothing else would do this tale justice. Turns out that Chalks Airlines is supposedly this country’s oldest operating airline. After reading my friend’s email, I began to think that it might be a bit too old for its own good. We’ve had a few improvements in America since 1919, but I’m not sure Chalks Airlines got the memos.

More Lies from Delta Airlines

Just got an email from Lee Macenczak, Executive Vice President of Sales and Customer Service. Delta seems bent on insulting my intelligence. Maybe everyone’s intelligence. With a title like that, Mr. Macenczak’s email smells full of spin and farce. They can always fire him, so I imagine that is why no real operatives at Delta signed their name to this public relations workhorse.