Brevard County Commissioner Helen Voltz has local Gadfly arrested

Our local paper did not cover this and I heard about this only after receiving an email from a friend about it. Here was his email:

Dear Brevard County Commission,

The arrest of Walter Pine at a commission meeting has come to my attention. It is documented in the video clips below.

I am ashamed of three members of my county commission, Helen Voltz, Ron Pritchard, and Jackie Colon. Sue Carlson was not there and Truman Scarborough tried to be reasonable but couldn’t even get a second.

Compulsory Education Laws and their Effect on My Family

“Law”, said the English judge Sir William Blackstone, “is the embodiment of the moral sentiment of the people” (Edwards 343). Accordingly, the compulsory education laws in America have served greatly to further injure the very thing they originally set about to amend. As a homeschooling father of five small children, I am thankful to those who have resisted the untoward advances of state educational power over children. They rightly understood that if parents do not retain the ultimate responsibility and authority over the education of their children, they, in effect, have no control over the raising of their children in any sphere, whether it is moral, social, spiritual, or mental.