Don’t Buy Traditional Software Anymore

I’ve been swamped as of late and hope to add a ton of content to the website soon. I actually have a few things half-written. But, I have to take a break from the break and push this out today.

I have two friends who recently asked me which version of Microsoft Office they should buy, the thinking being that they might be able to get by with the “Educational” version (which sells for far less than retail).

Angel Investor(s) Wanted for Unique Web Application

For my 200th post to my blog, I thought I’d post a brief summary of a funding request. I’m interested in developing, with a small team, a unique web application. I just wish I could post about it in detail here. Except that would be stupid of me. [must... not... post details... online... ]

So, I’ve posted below what basic information I can.