Rhyming Dictionary

I found a cool little pocket Songwriter’s Rhyming Dictionary you can use when you are writing songs that I was giving to a friend of mine. You probabaly wouldn’t discover on your own a few of the following rhymes I found in this book:

Excuse: Syracuse (a - ha! And you’ve always wanted to write a song about the whining that goes on in upstate New York).

Moan: Dictaphone (I think this one speaks for itself - just ask any Dictaphone employee).

Ants in Florida

For Floridians, the presence of ants is an almost daily reminder that the peninsula and its tropical climate favor natural wildlife over humans. Floridians should know well the types of ants and the threats they pose. When a Floridian sees an ant, he can generally place it in one of three categories: dangerous to humans, destructive to property, or harmless. Knowing these differences can save time and money, while better helping Floridians to enjoy the benefits of southern living.