Jimmy Eat World

I’ve been listening to a new album by Jimmy Eat World, a band I just discovered, although they’ve been around for almost a decade. They’ve also had a few minor hits which I’ve previously heard, but weren’t solid enough to get me to search them out.

However, their new album, Chase This Light, is a solid piece of work and produced excellently. If there has been any abysmal plight in the music world since the mid-90’s, it has been the abhorrent standard of production. While albums still sell millions, no one is really thinking, “but can they be better”.

50 Albums that Changed Music

It isn’t often I come across a music list that I can nod and agree with most of it. Usually, music lists are very narrow and tainted toward a certain kind of music. But the Guardian, a UK newspaper, has published a very good list of what they believe are Albums that have changed music - or more accurately perhaps, the character of the music industry at the time of their popularity. I hardly think any album has ever changed music - since it really is something we are discovering and perfecting (or perhaps “damaging” depending on one’s opinion). Perhaps the only thing wrong with this list (which recently was awarded a Yahoo Site of the Day) is that it excludes any serious country/western influences and classical/new age. Other than that, the list is a very solid list.