Due to popular demand, I will be accepting a limited number of advertisements for this blog.

I’ll be posting rates and space guidelines shortly.

The only guidelines I’m posting as of yet is that I will not be permitting text-link advertising within (or attached to) blog posts.

If you are interested and can’t wait for the guidelines to be posted, you may contact me.

No More Ads or Entrecard

The blog here is now ad-free. After hearing a few good responses to my recent change of adding ads and Entrecard, I decided to eliminate (once again) all advertising.

I particularly decided to eliminate Entrecard fairly early on as it was nothing but a time-consuming project that brought no benefits. Yes, I discovered a lot of blogs, but quite frankly, I’d rather do that on my own time without the pressure of trying to inflate an advertising rate.

Subtle Blog Changes

I’ve made a few changes of which you need to be aware. Why? So you can become a better blogger. So you can enjoy my blog more. So you can tell me that I’m wrong to make these changes.

1. Blogroll centralized. The first subtle change is I’ve removed most of the external links from the sidebar that were, in essence, a blogroll. This will undoubtedly irritate those twenty or so folks who were getting some free inbound link love on hundreds of pages of Salberg.Org.


How do I reconcile my religious beliefs with yours?

Great question. I have no idea what you are talking about though. In all likelihood, this is why you and your fellow cult members are being hunted down like rabbits.