Canceling Accounts is Hard Sometimes

Back when I suggested there be a day each year where we all delete our unused web app accounts, I never imagined that some companies would be so difficult about it.

In fact, those in the web app industry should start monitoring this type of thing. There has been much made of how some web apps are making registration so easy these days (and even eliminating it in some cases), but we ought to also rate websites on how easily they let us delete our accounts.

“Delete Unused Accounts” Day

I’d like to solicit the help of the blogging and web community with an idea I had while attending FOWA 2008 in Miami this past weekend. What about one day a year where we, the blogging, community-minded webified folks promote a “Delete Unused Account” Day?

Like many of you, I hear so much about all these web apps and how many “users” they have. As one speaker at FOWA pointed out, web application creators and drug pushers are the only ones who call our customers “users”. Anyway, the point is, I recall how many I’ve signed up for but never used. Or only used once or twice and never went back. Or never really understood it to begin with.