Mismanagement at Planned Parenthood

Is there anyone left who truly believes that Planned Parenthood is a great civic community service? Even if you aren’t prolife and opposed to abortion, you’d have to be a blind follower to keep defending Planned Parenthood in this day and age.

As you may know, in many areas across the country, the gloves have come off in dealing with Planned Parenthood and its misguided minions. Planned Parenthood, like many abortion clinics, is so desperate for profits they have spent a half-century lying and covering up its many illegal and unethical actions.

San Francisco is Completely Whacked

A friend sent me a link to photos from a January 2006 pro-life march in San Francisco, which shows, along with the accompanying photos and videos, the rabid nature of San Francisco’s pro-choice people. It was so bad, that the police were out in the hundreds to protect the pro-life crowd from attacks - and to keep the march going while pro-choice protesters made three not-so-valiant attempts to block it.

211 Helpline refers to Planned Parenthood for abortions

I’m exhausted. I was on the radio early this morning to talk about 211 Brevard using taxpayer dollars to give out abortion clinic referrals to an abortion clinic and Planned Parenthood in Orlando. It’s really ridiculous what they are doing. They are tarnishing their own reputation at a time when they are struggling to get continued funding.

The whole story is over on Brevard Outlook here. It continues to amaze me that ordinary people will give the abortion industry a leg up, even at considerable personal risk. If the abortion industry, as a whole, were to stop being able to get their hands on government money, it would collapse. They can’t survive on their “business model” unless they do one of two things: raise prices or take government assistance.

Is Sprint Nextel supporting Abortion-on-Demand?

I was recently forwarded this information that a group called Working Assets Wireless is allowing you to sign-up for a wireless plan that gives proceeds to Planned Parenthood, the single-most vocal supporter of abortion-on-demand (without apology) in America. Working Assets Wireless, a company from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, may just be some local outfit owned by pro-abortion advocates trying to whip up cash for their financially-strapped charity, but I really question the involvement of Sprint Nextel Communications in this cesspool.