Internet Explorer 7, Beta 2

Downloaded the new IE7 available to the general public. My thoughts:

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The women’s “Recipe Exchange” halts productivity — again!

Found this email from an woman who worked at an ex-employer of mine. Exactly what I said previously, is it not?

For those who would like to participate in the recipe exchange and get some new recipes… please try to bring your recipe in tomorrow (Friday). You can bring them to me, and I will put them all together and pass out copies to everyone on Monday. If anyone forgets tomorrow, just bring it on Monday - that is OK too.

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7 Differences between Men and Women in the Workplace

1. Men communicate better. Women do communicate better in most other areas of life. Men are direct, to the point, and make few allowances for failure or emotional differences that can’t be tied to logical results and behaviors. Phrases like “I just think…” and “We’re all trying…” are not uncommon from women when attempting to persuade.

2. Men come to work to work. Women come to work to, well, be there. But men work for more than money. They are there to work - not socialize, not make new friends, not share photos of children, not plan lunches that involve tupperware. In fact, most men yearn greatly for a sense of accomplishment more than anything. Some women do come to work to work, but most often it is a form of escape. They are not there to build, to create, to leave legacies behind.

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Where’s the Old Blog?

I’ve had a few emails about why I started a new blog, what happened to the old blog, etc. Yes, in a moment of shining clarity I deleted the old blog - forever. I can’t seem to recall the exact clarity anymore that led me to do that, however. I think it had something to do with the overall focus that the blog had strayed toward. You can still see the excerpts of the postings by using Google’s Blog Search and typing “MelbourneLawrence” which was the name of the old blog. I think you’ll see what I mean.

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Dell sues Paul Dell for

I read Michael Dell’s book when it came out. Mike is no slacker. But as it goes, I doubt he understands the irony of what he is doing to Paul Dell who is being sued by Dell Corporation for his domain name, Paul has agreed to accept financial support from folks who don’t like the idea of what Michael Dell is doing. If another Dell, let’s say “Ahmed Dell” for fun, had a big company making websites 20 years ago, when Michael was in college tinkering with computers in his dorm room, and Michael started “Dell Computers” on the net and registered and, wouldn’t he have been just a little annoyed to have Ahmed come sue him? I would think that Michael, an entrepreneur at heart, wouldn’t be so quick to buy into the feudal system of corporate America.

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