The generation of flakes, that's how millennials are often viewed, and you can see where it's coming from. It seems that millennials try to resist any possibility of commitment. Millennials often change their jobs. Instead of building a career on one place, millennials swiping their jobs once in six months. They get bored when focused on something for too long. And of course, millennials are not into committed relationship. In the age of enormous popularity of Tinder it seems that millennials embrace hook-up culture and deny commitment. Millennials swipe their relationships, just like they swipe their jobs. All in all, it is believed that typical millennial is unfocused, narcissistic, self-obsessed, and lazy. Is it just an irresponsible lifestyle or are there certain reasons why millennials act this way? Actually there are several reasons why millennials keeps away from the commitment. We offer you to check out three main reasons behind the 'irresponsible' lifestyle of the flakes-generation.

1. Spoiled by Choices

Millennials, from the very start, have too many options. Multiple choice can paralyse anyone. It only seems that you are going to be happy with many choices. It only seems that having multitude of options allows you making the right choice. Actually, it is almost impossible to make any choice, when you have a lot of variants. You are lost in myriads of "what if"'s. When it comes to consumption, millennials are more into renting than into buying. That happens because of multiple choice. Same goes to dating and relationship, it is easier to date for a certain period of time, as you can miss somebody else... somebody better.

2. World at Fingertips

Millennials grew up in the period of the internet and media advances. MAs a result, they are constantly bombarded by information. The internet provides you with thousands of options. And millennials do believe that they have endless options. They think that they have world at their fingertips. And when you believe that you have endless stream of options, why settling with one? You can always move to another one.

3. Trust Issues

Millennials have serious trust issues. To trust someone, you need a connection on the personal level. Millennials mainly connect via social media, and thus they get "overconnected-disconnected". The more people you have on your friend list, the better, but having 2 thousands followers on Twitter or 2,5 thousands friends on Facebook, doesn't mean that you have at least one real friend. Trust issues prevent millennials from commitment.

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