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Dumb Job Ads: Office Assistant Web Developer

I have a friend who posts really dumb online dating ads to his blog. He does this with some regularity which only leads me to believe he spends an awful lot of time on online dating services scoping for chicks. Perhaps equally sad, if not more so, is my own obsession with reading the help wanted ads. I subscribe to a half-dozen feeds of job ads, mostly for freelance work purposes and short-term contracts.

There are three types of job ads. Normal ones, and two types of bad ones. The first bad kind are the mile-long legalistic job ads put out by human resources drones with so many qualifications that only a cyborg from “The Terminator” might fill them all. And of course, that is probably the type of employees running the place, too. They want more cyborgs to help them takeover the world. Government contractors are infamous for those.

Is Social Networking Finally Breaking Down?

I’m done. With social networking. I canceled both my Facebook and MySpace accounts last week. Why? It’s over. The dream of social networking. I’m convinced that people just don’t “get it”.

TechCrunch reports on a ridiculous new site called LifeAt. It’s supposed to be a social network for building residents in New York City? What’s next? A special website for people who ate at the downtown Mickey D’s last week? It has finally gone beyond the curious grouping of people with similar interests. Young with young. Professionals with professionals.

There are over 300 social networking websites available to sign up for about any interest you might have.

Patriots-Dolphin Game Exposes New England’s Weaknesses

Final Score: New England: 49, Miami: 28.

Well, congrats to the New England Pats. Brady executed a near flawless game against a torn, deflated, and winless Miami secondary. Despite a few incomplete passes and nearly being sacked four times (only one of which was official), Brady got a perfect passer rating, mostly due to a whopping six touchdowns.

In fact, no one expected much less from New England and they performed as well as expected, if not better against the worst team in the NFL (Miami) - at least as far as the standings go.

Fairground Attraction returns

One of the great benefits to working in a music store is all the free tunes and imports you get to pick up. You get exposed to a lot of music that you might not otherwise have listened to and although it causes fights between you and your coworkers, it’s worth the trouble. That is, if you love music. And that is, if you can afford to pay your bills with the meager wages you’ll be paid.

Airlines Seem to be Immune from Criticism

I’ve posted a few times about airlines, both about Delta’s Frequent Flyer Skymiles program and about Chalk Airlines’ poor adherence to any decent degree of customer service.

A few weeks ago, uber blogger Josh Hallett followed up on Orlando blogger Alex Rudloff’s post encouraging people not to fly Spirit Airlines. In it, Josh noted the irony of the blog post showing up as #2 in Google’s results for searches on Spirit Airlines, appearing even higher than the Wikipedia article about Spirit Airlines.

Earlier this week, the Chicago Tribune picked up on the story and reported it. Josh Hallett astutely noted the unresponsiveness of the airline by pointing out Spirit’s spokesperson comments:

Who is your Authority?

I just got a lovely email offering me 40 percent of Joel Osteen’s new book, “Become a Better You”. Trouble is, Joel Osteen doesn’t fit my idea of an authority on the subject he’s writing about. I’ve never even read the guy’s stuff and I only saw him once on television for about 23 seconds. Now, before I get inundated with Osteen supporters telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain.

I read a lot. I mean a whole lot. Probably a lot more than you. Certainly way more than the average American. I’m not trying to turn this into a contest because I’m sure many people also read more than me. I just want to explain upfront that I’m no casual reader.

Have A Great Week - In 30 Minutes

Here’s some tips I use to have a great week. They can be done in 30 minutes before the next week begins and require almost no preparation. You just do them and presto! - you’ll have a great week. They almost always work, but I’d love to hear from others if they have ideas that can be added to this. It probably isn’t possible to do this every week, but when you need to have a good week, try these tips.


Brevard Ruby Users Group

I started a website for what I hope will be a local users group for Ruby, the programming language, and of course, its more popular Rails framework that is changing the face of web development.

To slap it up quickly, I used Wordpress, which as you may know, is a PHP-based blogging engine. Perhaps a bit of irony in doing that, since I’m somewhat confessing that maybe (ahem!) sometimes PHP still beats Rails.

The reality is, of course, that PHP is great for a lot of things and is my first love when it comes to web application development. Plus, I’m practically a Wordpress junkie. But I’m knee-deep in learning Rails and I really would like to use it for a few projects that I’ve been sitting on waiting for… oh, I don’t know… time, funds, the right partner. Did I mention time?

Is Ron Paul the Next U.S. President?

I’m a conservative. There, I said it. I could spend a great amount of time discussing how I’m not “this type” of conservative or “that”, but let’s not fool around. If I didn’t brand myself, you’d brand me. And if I try to explain away any of your preconceived notion of me, it will just make me look weak. So, picture me however you picture a conservative and let’s move on to the topic at hand.

In the conservative movement, as in all movements, there are shades and flavors of the ideal - to which no one person can subscribe. Everyone has their preferences. Some might be a little more socially conservative, some fiscally conservative, some fanatical, some rather quiet, and so forth.

Fast Food Drive-Thru Ordering

I’m hardly a Seth Godin. If you want ideas for the small little improvements in business, Seth is definitely who you need to read. In fact, I’d argue that if you aren’t reading Seth, and you run a business, you are seriously impairing your ability to get that little percentage of an improvement which could reap huge dividends in the long run.

However, I don’t think Seth has talked about this yet, so I’ll give it a shot.

Two parts here: The first part below is how you can make your life easier when ordering from a fast food drive-through. The second part is how fast food resturants can improve their drive-through process.

Ordering from a Drive-Through


Over 200 bloggers and entrepreneurs from around the state converged upon Rollins College’s Bush Auditorium to hear speakers from around the country come to talk about blogging, social media, and the evolution of the internet community. This was the second year of BlogOrlando, an unconference. Last year, there were 90 attendees. This year, the registration was closed when they hit 290 and the organizers (basically . I was honored to be there and met some awesome people doing some very awesome things.

Twelve Reasons to Walk Out of a Job Interview

Have you ever been on a job interview that, somewhere in the middle of it, you got a funny feeling about the job? But, since you needed this job, or you perhaps you hated your old job so much, you got the offer and took the job anyway. Well, I have. A few times. What mistakes those were.

In an effort to help my younger readers who would be more likely than not, as I once was, to accept a position they were offered without pause for reflection, I wanted to share some reasons why you should walk away from a job interview, and the potential job.

Sticky Notes Finally Good for Something

I’ve always hated sticky notes. Scratch that. I think the real issue is that I dislike it when people use a lot of sticky notes. A sure sign of a disorganized person. Sticking out of magazines, plastered all over the monitor like some Victorian collar for LCD’s, and found on furniture. Ugh.

However, I have found one decent use for a sticky note. Finally. When you develop software, you are constantly wondering what version of a language or architecture you have installed in your machine. Do I have MySQL 5.0.37 or 5.0.36? I can never remember because like many web developers, something changes every month on my machine.

Homeowners Insurance Loss Ratio Chart

In reference to the following published by Florida Today newspaper, I received the following question. I’m no longer licensed as an insurance agent, so I can’t give personal advice on insurance, but I’ll go ahead and comment on the general issues if it might be helpful for those looking for some direction on these issues.

Here’s the original email I received:

The chart that appeared in FLORIDA TODAY last Sunday, 8/5/07, deserves some analysis. I am no expert. I wish one would step forward. Until one does, here are my observations:

1) This chart cuts to the chase. It simply shows the ratio of claims paid to premiums collected. It’s very basic and uncluttered with things like re-insurance (whatever that is) or overhead.

New Blog Design Coming

After having this design up for almost two years, I’m more than ready for a new design for this blog. And I’m hoping you’ll help me. With the amount of traffic I get, I feel I owe it to you just as much as I do myself.

For me, design isn’t just about a cool new look. I need to put some more function into this site as well. Let me share a bit about what I’m thinking.

The Design Wishlist