“Delete Unused Accounts” Day

I’d like to solicit the help of the blogging and web community with an idea I had while attending FOWA 2008 in Miami this past weekend. What about one day a year where we, the blogging, community-minded webified folks promote a “Delete Unused Account” Day?

Like many of you, I hear so much about all these web apps and how many “users” they have. As one speaker at FOWA pointed out, web application creators and drug pushers are the only ones who call our customers “users”. Anyway, the point is, I recall how many I’ve signed up for but never used. Or only used once or twice and never went back. Or never really understood it to begin with.

Meanwhile, these web 2.0 startups are using our signups as fodder for more venture capital, and in many cases, bragging rights. Few of them ever release activity logs, so we have to rely on third-party surveys to compile the most popular apps, etc.

I guess I feel partially responsible for all the confusion. A quick look through my Registrations / Websites folder tells me I’ve got a lot of unused accounts and profiles out there. I’m not alone in this.

Maybe someone can think of a better name for it - and a good memorable day - and create a logo for it (I’m busy - sorry!). I’ll register the domain for it and slap up a single page promo of what it is - if this idea can generate enough traction. I figure 100 comments / trackbacks ought to be a significant measure to see if there’s interest.

So spread the word on this post and let’s see if anyone feels similarly. Thanks for your help and/or feedback. If you can think of a way to improve this idea, share it with everyone below. I’m also wondering if this is already a movement somewhere, so if you’ve heard of something similar, let’s promote that, too.

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Lawrence, I LOVE your idea! I’m going to expand it for me personally and include unused credit cards, unused email accounts, magazine subscriptions that I don’t read, catalogs that I don’t want to receive and maybe even a few friends from whom I’ve grown away and apart. I see it becoming a clean-up-your-life day. Thanks!

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