Back on Facebook

I’m not going to elaborate on my recent return to Facebook, despite my prior departure, but I’m going to basically use it as a way to just keep in touch a bit better with folks. I will not be creating any “unique” content there, although my writing here is automatically mirrored on my profile there.

It also allows me a bit more intimacy with people than I would otherwise do here. So if you look me up and add me as a friend - or join Facebook if you haven’t already. You can get to learn a bit more about me, see some more personal photos (assuming I like you), and I can learn a bit more about you and see what you are up to. This is especially true for all my non-blogging friends out there. Keeping a Facebook profile is a great way to easily stay in touch, especially if you aren’t too computer-savvy.

I’m patiently waiting for one friend to make the jump from MySpace to Facebook so I can officially close out my MySpace account forever. That will be a great day.

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